Ranch Revival

The challenge for Dwellings was to take a ranch style house and give it a ranch revival. The ranch home was a popular choice for builders and buyers in the fifties and sixties. It was a flexible and affordable style and still is. Melissa chose to embrace its flexibility and just added some new features like columns to help define the space. The project was a complete makeover of the kitchen, dining room and living area.

Melissa put together a project story board showing all the colors and fabrics along with samples of the new laminate flooring to be installed for the client’s approval.

Once the revival plan was in place Melissa acted as the owner’s representative and collaborated with the contractors to execute the work.

One of the main challenges was to compensate for the over powering brick fire place. Melissa decided to diminish its presence buy embellishing it with over scaled décor.

Here again Melissa demonstrates her ability to decorate with her strong sense of style and scale.