How to Clean Shaw Carpets

It is easy to clean Shaw carpets when you know what to do. It all starts with choosing the right vacuum, cleaning products, and a little reading. Check out few tips for removing common stains the right way.

  • Always treat the stain immediately. The longer the spill sits the more the carpet absorbs the spill.
  • For food spills, scrap the solid food with a spoon or dull knife. Always blot, starting from outer edge moving towards center of stain. Never rub or scrub stain.
  • You can use a spot removal solvent as long as its approved by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America. Always follow up with water to remove detergent residue that may become sticky and cause resoiling.
  • Check your warranty guide for proper stain removal procedures.

Tips to Clean Shaw Soft Carpet

Here a few tips for taking care of soft carpet.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush or “brush/beater bar” to loosen soil particles, except for shag styled products.
  • For shag styled carpet use a suction-only vacuum
  • To get the best results follow the Carpet and Rug Institute vacuuming guidelines.

For specific care and maintenance requirements, refer to your warranty information.

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