Homeowner requirements for Phenix Warranties

For your Phenix Warranty to be honored, you must follow these instructions

  1. Know all the different warranties offered by Phenix
  2. Keep proof of purchase
  3. Hire a professional installer to install carpet
  4. Install your carpet with cushion meeting Phenix specifications
  5. If rubber backed carpet/attached pad carpet, know what adhesives and tapes are used

Items to keep for Phenix Warranties

For your Phenix Warranty to be honored, you must have the following items in hand:

  1. Original Dwellings Decor Invoice
  2. A copy of the sample label from Dwellings Decor
  3. A small piece of carpet from installation (2′ x 2′)
  4. Padding information
  5. Installer’s name and certification information
  6. Adhesives and tapes used, when applicable
  7. Phenix requires certified carpet cleaning every 18 months, keep receipts

Important exclusions you may not know about your Phenix Warranty

For all your exclusions, please visit your Phenix warranty, below are the most common exclusions:

  1. Phenix warranties do not transfer betwen home owner’s
  2. Any and all pet damage
  3. Damage by normal carpet wear, routine cleaning, or regular maintenance
  4. Improper installation
  5. Carpet installed in commercial settings

Given these points above, Dwellings Decor highly recommends each customer to review their warranties in full. For this reason, we have provided you with access to all the Phenix carpet warranties here.

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