Homeowner requirements for DuraCeramic Warranty

For your DuraCeramic warranty to be honored, you must follow these instructions

  • Read up on your DuraCeramic warranty
  • Keep proof of purchase
  • If more than 10% of the floors square footage needs to be replaced, Congoleum will replace the entire floor.
  • Only the DuraCeramic floor is covered by warranty.

Items to keep for DuraCeramic Warranty

For your warranty to be honored, you must have the following items in hand:

  1. Original Dwellings Decor Invoice
  2. Store the extra tiles and box for repairs and re-ordering
  3. Keep installers contact information

Exclusions to your warranty from DuraCeramic

Here are a few of the exclusions to your Warranty.

  • Improper installation of floor
  • Problems due to temperatures rising in excess of 120 degrees which may occur from hot air registers, appliances, etc…
  • Fading from direct sunlight
  • Use of floor mats that are not labeled “nonstaining”
  • Problems due to excessive moisture or water leaks and floods

Given these points above, Dwellings Decor highly recommends each customer review their warranties in full. For this reason, we have provided you with access to all the DuraCeramic warranties here.

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