Your subscription box has arrived! Now it’s time for the best part – to put it all together!

For our spring box, we’ve included a rustic white-washed tray, textured white beads, and a trendy succulent in a colorful pot to add a pop of color to your new centerpiece!

There’s a couple different ways to put together your centerpiece! First, you can have your tray on the bottom and place the succulent and beads on top.

Second, you can use the white-washed tray as a backdrop and lean it against a wall. Then you can set the succulent and beads in front of it.

To add more depth to your design, you can add on extra décor items like a taller sign, a clock, or an orbed accent piece. You can even mix around what sits on the tray. You get to choose!

We’re so excited to see how it all comes together! Feel free to share your new centerpiece on Facebook or Instagram and tag us so we can see your new spring décor!