Stuck on ideas for Christmas gifts for family and friends? We’ve all been there. Our Dwellings team has put together a gift guide to help with your Christmas shopping!

For Mom:

For mom, you can’t go wrong with kitchen decorations! As she uses her kitchen most days, it might be nice to have a few pieces of décor to help update the space for her. A “happiness is homemade” sign would brighten her kitchen counters. A pretty vase filled with greenery can be paired with a decorative storage container, making it functional and cute!

Moms always love to decorate their dining room tables! Having a centerpiece can help brighten up and decorate any room. For this centerpiece, we’ve paired a wooden tray with some greenery and an accent piece – metal orbs. This is a simple way to decorate the family table!

For Dad:

For dad, a decorative centerpiece for his desk or an end table would make for a great gift! Having some decorations in a place where he spends a lot of time might be just what he needs. We’ve paired a rustic, older-style clock with some greenery and black candle holders, decorative pieces that still have a masculine side to them.

Who doesn’t need new wall decorations? Sometimes small changes like replacing or adding something to your walls can make a huge difference to a room! For dad, we recommend a “fresh cut Christmas trees” sign to add some Christmas cheer to his space or a wooden, rustic clock to adorn his wall.

For a sister:

For a sister, a decorative display for her bedroom or house would be a great gift! Women love any chance to decorate a space! We took a two-tier tray and filled it with plenty of festive decorations, like a Noel sign, white orb, berried Christmas greenery, pinecones, and a candle. These items can be easily be swapped out to pertain to your sister’s favorite décor items!

Of course, simple decorations can be just as nice! For a dresser or table display, we paired a beautiful “faith” sign with a green potted plant and an accent piece. Even something simple can create a fun-filled space!

For a brother:

For a brother, a masculine wall display could be just what he needs to spruce up his space! A wooden floating shelf with black, metal accents paired with a few decorations like a vase or greenery can make a wall pop! Simple greens work best in matching masculine pieces, and take care to steer clear of the Christmas glitter for the boys. This shelf brings many possibilities as he can decorate it exactly how he wants to!

For Anyone:

Sometimes it’s tough to decide last minute Christmas gifts. Do you go with the hand towels or the coasters? What decoration do you decide on? Or do you just get a gift card for them? Well, we’ve discovered the best gift for any person – candles. Everyone loves smells! It makes the house feel cleaner and brightens anyone’s mood. So for those people you can’t quite decide to get them, decide on a candle from Dwellings! We have tons of different Christmas and non-Christmas scents for you to choose from!

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