It’s time to welcome Fall in all it’s glory with open arms! We have some simple tips to help you get your home ready.

  1. Liven up your dining room with a fun centerpiece – who says centerpieces have to be reserved for special occasions or holidays? They can be left on your table all season long for just a little extra seasonal charm!
  2. Hang wreaths – dress up doors, window or bare walls with a festive wreath!
  3. Mix rustic and autumn accessories – if you already have rustic elements throughout your home, there is no reason you can’t incorporate them into your fall decorations!
  4. Add a pop of pumpkins – no need to go overboard. Place a few pumpkins throughout your home!
  5. Fall candle scents – switch our your Spring scents for delicious Fall scents! Pumpkin spice, campfire, caramel apple, cider are some popular scents!

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