We understand the struggle that comes with decorating and remodels. Through our design services and recommendations, we are here to help limit that struggle and frustration!  

  1. Don’t choose the paint color first. Instead, choose the most expensive items first. These items include furniture and flooring. Once you have decided on these items, move on to choosing your paint color.
  2. Don’t hang wall decor or signs too high. People tend to hang such items higher than necessary. From now on, focus on hanging wall decor at eye-level. While eye-level varies from person to person, we trust you to use your best judgement!
  3. Don’t use too many throw pillows. Throw pillows are a great decorative accent, but using too many can be overwhelming and cause clutter. Keep in mind that your home is not a place used to display pillows like a store is.
  4. Don’t choose style over comfort. Remember that your home is a place where you should be comfortable and able to relax. Think about the purpose of an item before purchasing it!
  5. Don’t push all the furniture against the walls. Based on the size or shape of a room, this can be challenging. If you are able, create more intimate areas for conversation by pulling and arranging furniture away from the walls. This is especially important in living rooms and family rooms!
  6. Don’t solely rely on overhead lighting. While overhead lighting is a necessity, mix things up by incorporating table lamps or floor lamps. This tip is sure to have a lasting impression on the ambience of the room!

Making your design come to life can be a challenging process. However, avoiding these common decorating and design mistakes should minimize the frustration. Need more style-saving tips? Our designers would love to assist you by means of a design consultation. Visit our website to schedule one today!

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