Hardwood or luxury vinyl flooring? Which is the better choice?

For many years, hardwood has been considered the standard flooring material. With that being said, vinyl plank flooring has made tremendous leaps to become a strong competitor. Luxury vinyl flooring is a modern, effective, affordable, and attractive flooring option.

Let’s compare the two flooring choices in the following areas:

  • Look and Style

While hardwood flooring is timeless, advancements in vinyl flooring have diminished the recognizable differences between the two types of flooring. Both flooring types come in various colors and styles!

All hardwood floors are stained to bring out their rich color and grain, as well as to prevent nicks, dents, and other damage. Hardwood is a timeless material with inherent beauty and natural variance which makes it a popular choice for contemporary and traditional design styles.

Customers who decide on hardwood also receive a great amount of flexibility when it comes to future changes. Whether the change is as simple as a color scheme or as large as a complete renovation, simply sand the floor and refinish it to fit your home.  

  • Durability and Stability

To clear things up, durability is the hardness of the floor. The more durable a floor is, the more it can take in terms of use. Stability measures the makeup of the layers and the quality of the materials. A flooring with high stability will hold its shape in the face of moisture or climate changes.

While both flooring types are durable and stable, luxury vinyl flooring takes the trophy in this category for two reasons. Luxury vinyl flooring requires little to no upkeep, but hardwood requires frequent upkeep. A wear layer is incorporated in luxury vinyl flooring to ensure that the product is long lasting.

When it comes to hardwood, repairs can be made by sanding imperfections and refinishing the flooring. This is one advantage that hardwood has over luxury vinyl and laminate flooring. It is also important to note that, often times, hardwood provides more warmth than luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl plank.

  • Applications

Hardwood is a good choice for commercial settings, but it does require frequent upkeep. It is also suitable for sports and residential use. Hardwood is also one of the best flooring choices to absorb sound and improve acoustic qualities in a home. If you are looking for something other than hardwood, however, luxury vinyl flooring is a great option! As previously mentioned, this type of flooring is moisture resistant and effective for high traffic areas.

Have further questions? Our professional designers are more than willing to talk with you about which type of flooring is best for your project.

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