Do your floors tell a story? Karndean, a global leader in developing imaginative and innovative wood flooring products, believes that every floor should have a story behind it. Throughout their 40 years of traveling the world, nature has been the biggest inspiration for their products that inspire and captivate. During this time, they have created numerous range showcases, one of which is known as Van Gogh. Each Van Gogh product has a unique story and background.

1.       Burnt Ginger and Bracken
The inspiration for this popular design came about in 2002. The founder of Karndean discovered a burning barn in the backcountry of Australia. He was awestruck by the beauty in the contrast of the fire-damaged patches of wood against the gold and ginger tones found in the planks that were not affected by the fire. He rescued two planks, and they became the inspiration for the Burnt Ginger and Bracken products.

2.       Wellington Oak
The creator of the Wellington Oak planks became inspired one afternoon while he was on a run through the hills of of Birmingham, UK, with his great dane, Smokey. He noticed some men cutting down trees in the forest, and became fascinated by the cracked and split wood which seemed to tell of the tree’s history. The tree cutters, surprised and slightly confused by his fascination, gifted him logs. Once the log sections made it back to Karndean’s office, the designers used them to create the very popular Wellington Oak flooring.

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