Milkhouse Candle Company, a thriving company based in Osage, Iowa, uses a simple blend of waxes in their candles. Their candles are a combination of pure beeswax and natural soy wax from soybeans grown in America’s Midwest. As compared to most competitors, there are no artificial dyes or wicks containing lead added to Milkhouse candles. These facts promise a safe and clean candle burning experience.

Because of the candles’ natural ingredients, it is completely safe to reuse Milkhouse Candle Company jars. So, instead of throwing the jars out once you have burnt through the candle, here are some ways to reuse and repurpose them!

  • Baked Goods

Do you love spending time in the kitchen? There are so many recipes you could mix up and use your Milkhouse jars for. Whether you use them for mini pies at a family gathering, lemonade at a summer barbeque, or to hold the various toppings at a chili cook-off, you are sure to find a way to reuse your Milkhouse jars in your kitchen!

  • Crafts

Haul out the paint and get creative! Milkhouse jars are great for craft time. Both adults and children will find enjoyment in turning Milkhouse jars into a personal masterpiece!

  • Planters

An aloe plant or succulent are the perfect plants to use to bring in some of that natural green color into your home, and Milkhouse jars make the perfect planter!

  • Office Supplies

It is always an option to keep the Milkhouse jar on your desk and fill it with office supplies! First, rinse the jar with hot soapy water. Then it’s ready to reuse! Use it to hold pens, paperclips, or whatever you can think of!

  • Tiki Torches

We all love being able to spend time outdoors during the summer months, but it would be much more enjoyable if it weren’t for the bugs. DIY tiki torches are the perfect solution! The simple project takes less than 10 minutes and lasts all summer long.

Get creative, have fun, and reuse! For more ideas, visit

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