Homeowner requirements for Triversa Warranty

For your Triversa warranty to be honored, you must follow these instructions:

  • Know the Triversa warranties that apply to you
  • Keep proof of purchase
  • Maintain your room temperature between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit for the life of the floor.

What your Triversa Warranty ensures

The Triversa Prime lifetime limited warranty ensures that the floor will be free of manufacturing defects, will not wear out, will not stain, will not fade, will not rip or tear from normal household use, will not permanently indent from normal household use, and will not discolor from mold, mildew or alkali for as long as you own your floor.

Items to keep for Triversa Warranty

For your Triversa warranty to be honored, you must have the following items in hand:

  1. Original Dwellings Décor Invoice
  2. Store the extra planks and box for repairs and re-ordering
  3. Keep installer’s contact information

Exclusions to Triversa Congoleum Warranty

For all your exclusions, please visit your Triversa warranty. Below are the most common exclusions:

  • Warranty only applies to original owner per Dwellings Décor invoice.
  • Weather conditions causing humidity changes and natural expansion and contraction of boards.
  • Damage resulting from the failure to properly maintain your flooring.
  • Damage caused by moving appliances, sliding of furniture without adequate protection, rolling carts, rotating beater bars on vacuum cleaners, and others.

Given these points above, Dwellings Décor highly recommends each customer review their warranties in full. For this reason, we have provided you with access to your Triversa warranty here.