Tips to Clean a Legacy Hardwood Floor the Right Way!

Here a few tips to clean a Legacy Hardwood Floor.

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly – do NOT use the beater bar on your vacuum.
  • Never clean your floor with water or any cleaner that must be mixed with water as this will void the warranty.
  • Wash occasionally with nonabrasive floor cleaner (many floor cleaners do not qualify, check your warranty).
  • Spills should be cleaned up immediately.
  • Do NOT use steam cleaners, as they contain water that will damage the floor’s finish.

Your Proactive Protection Plan for Your Legacy Hardwood Floor

  • Use protection like a blanket, towel, or carpet face-down underneath all furniture or appliances to be moved to avoid scratching and permanently denting the floor.
  • Never push, pull or drag furniture across floor.
  • Use floor protectors or felt pads under furniture to prevent scratching.
  • Floor mats at entrance ways and on all high traffic areas will keep soil and moisture from being tracked on your floor.
  • Place high-quality floor mats for extra layer of protection.

For specific care and maintenance requirements, refer to your care and maintenance information.